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Michal Mosny


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We believe in sus­tain­able, envi­ron­men­tal­ly sen­si­tive viti­cul­ture, respect­ing the vine­yard as a liv­ing and var­ied ecosys­tem. Each bot­tle is a proud expres­sion of the earth it came from. Both in the vine­yard and in the win­ery clas­si­cal music rever­ber­ates.

At Lunessence, it is our belief that expo­sure to clas­si­cal music helps pro­duce well-bal­anced wines.

If I had to try just one thing from your winery?

Along with play­ing clas­si­cal music, we also use clas­si­cal meth­ods of mak­ing wine. Our focus is tra­di­tion­al, old school wine­mak­ing meth­ods and com­bin­ing them with mod­ern and effec­tive wine­mak­ing equip­ment.

By know­ing our soil, cli­mate and wine­mak­ing, we focus on the poten­tial in every bot­tle. Wines made tra­di­tion­al­ly attract their nat­ur­al vari­etal char­ac­ter, they tend to be fruiti­er with gen­tle hon­ey, cream and wal­nut tones. Sim­ply put, they con­tain all the flavours you smell in the vine­yard. They have big­ger struc­ture and bou­quet with deep­er com­plex­i­ty and taste.

All our white wines ben­e­fit from long con­tact with both their skins and lees. Bar­rels are used to under­line the char­ac­ter of the vari­ety. Vini­fi­ca­tion of our red wines is focused on extract­ing bold fruit flavours. Aging takes place in a vari­ety of French, Amer­i­can, Hun­gar­i­an and Slo­va­kian bar­rels and even in old neu­tral wood­en vats.

Is there anything else to see, taste or do at your winery?

Music! Clas­si­cal music is the thread that con­nects our vine­yard, wine­mak­ing and our win­ery phi­los­o­phy as a whole and we don’t take it light­ly.

We believe it helps us to find a bal­ance between nature, human­i­ty and the ener­gy around us.

With speak­ers installed in our vine­yard, all our estate-grown grapes lis­ten to clas­si­cal music as they grow. As we know, the life of grapes isn’t easy. By play­ing sen­su­ous clas­si­cal music, the wines are exposed to pos­i­tive emo­tion and this makes their growth smoother and hap­pi­er.

Our wine­mak­ing and cel­lar aging are accom­pa­nied by operas com­posed by Giuseppe Ver­di, W. A. Mozart, Gioacchi­no Rossi­ni, Rug­gero Leon­cav­al­lo, Pietro Mascagni and oth­ers. Each wine requires dif­fer­ent tech­nique, music and feel­ing.

This atten­tion helps us to pro­duce fine wines with deep char­ac­ter.

Our wine is not only a prod­uct, it is a gift from nature that we are hon­oured to trans­form into a very spe­cial treat. A bev­er­age that brings hap­pi­ness and relax­ation to our dai­ly lives and spe­cial occa­sions.

Hours of Oper­a­tion

Spring/Summer/Fall: Apr-Oct31: Dai­ly 11–6pm

Win­ter: Closed, by appt. only