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Mike Harris

Luke Cyca

Robin Cairns


Mike Harris


Number of ciders: 1


Cider styles

Dry, English-style pub cider.


If I had to try just one thing from your cidery?

Our cider! It is crafted in small batches from local heirloom and dessert apples at our farm in Summerland.

It has a light golden amber colour and a lively effervescence in the glass. A distinct apple aroma with a full-bodied mouth feel and subtle astringency from the apple blend in each batch.

Equally tasty after a long bike ride along Okanagan Lake or a hike up Giant’s Head mountain. Especially delicious after a long day picking apples in the orchard.


Why did you choose Summerland?

Mike Harris grew-up in Summerland picking apples in local orchards – there is nowhere else we would consider making cider! So, we bought a farm, moved back to Summerland and started a cidery in 2015. We’re planting apple tree varietals originally nurtured by the Dominion Experimental Farm in Summerland a century ago. We feel very lucky to be able to learn from the rich heritage and experience of local orchardists, and we’re thrilled to be a part of the burgeoning community of younger crafters. We have wonderful friends here doing and making many beautiful and delicious things. This makes Summerland a great place to be and, we hope, more attractive to other makers that want to build a fruitful business, raise a loving family and enrich a strong community in Summerland.


Is there anything else to see, taste or do at your cidery?

You’ll often find us gathered around our outdoor forno oven eating pizza and drinking cider. Our vegetable garden is bountiful. We also roast coffee in very small batches and make some pretty tasty macchiatos.

Hours of Operation

Sat: 11:00am-5:00pm or
By Appointment

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